Container liners allow transportation of all manner of materials and free flowing products in bulk through standard 20ft, 30ft or 40ft containers. Exporters of the materials listed below will be particularly interested.

Options exist between

•Thermal liners that offer protection against variations of temperatures during transit

•Polyethylene liners for movement of free flowing chemicals, foodstuffs, starches or sugars. Granules and polymers need  protection against contamination during transport.

•Woven Polypropylene liners are used in transportation of heavy polymers & chemicals, agricultural crops, etc.

Advantages of using container liners:-

Replace labour intensive 25kg or bulk bag transportation. Better system than drums, cartons or palletised goods.

Low carbon footprint & recyclable.

Protects against all contaminants, weather moisture, temperature-fluctuation, insects and rodents. Excellent protection against sea water.

Options of using standard, steel bars and fixing kit (all metal parts are zinc coated and food grade) or our special strapping supports.

Some liners offer conductive components to reduce risk of ignition when transportation of some powders or cellulose's.

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